Albatros: Team of Italian Translators

Albatros is a single-language provider of translation and localization services from English to Italian. Since 1997, our team  of English-Italian and German-Italian translators is trusted by several global multi-language vendors and translation companies of various sizes to deliver top-notch projects translated and localized into Italian. Albatros was founded, is owned and is managed by a group of Italian native speakers holding a degree in translation studies and with more than 15 years of experience working as full-time translators.

Are you the project manager or the vendor manager of a multi-language provider? We understand your requirements and are committed to delivering a first-class service across the lifespan of every project. Our market differentiator is our ability to offer superior service and value to multi-language localization providers.

Reliability: Thanks to our unified messaging system, every request is handled in a timely manner, and you will obtain a response within minutes during office hours. Our deadline compliance ratio close to 100% means that you can rely on a consistently on-time delivery of all your Italian translation projects.

Availability: Our team of full-time, in-house Italian translators is available to work on new projects all the year through. Our office never closes for prolonged periods, so you can rest assured that each one of your requests will be taken care of expeditiously and professionally. Since we are not an agency but rather a tight-knit team, we can offer a definite advantage when carrying out large projects that can prove difficult to manage if split among different translators working at different locations.

Experience: You can count on a team of in-house linguists with extensive experience in handling the English-to-Italian segment of localization projects for multi-language providers in Europe and in the US. Our current client portfolio includes major localization providers such as ABBYY Language Services, ADAPT, ENLASO, G3, LUZ, Palex, Rubric, Smartling, TransPerfect, and Welocalize.

A list of the main end clients we have been involved with in the last few years includes, among others, adidas, Abbott, ABX Diagnostics, Adobe, AMD-ATI, APC, Autodesk, B-K Medical, Bobcat, BrainLAB, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Carglass, Fossil, GE, GoPro, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IKEA, John Deere, KitchenAid, Kobo, McAfee, Merck, Microsoft, Nanosphere, Nikon, Novartis, Nuance, PerkinElmer, Riverbed, Roche, Rockwell, Sensormatic, Smiths Detection, SuccessFactors, Trend Micro, Tyco, UPS, and Yamaha.

Linguistic skills: Our tight-knit team has been honing its technical and topical expertise over more than 15 years in a variety of projects ranging from the technical challenge to the cultural adaptation. We are able to communicate accurately, appropriately and concisely in Italian, with a broad, expressive vocabulary and excellent, in-depth knowledge of the grammatical nuances and rules of our language.

Specialization: Each one of our translators specializes in one or more subject areas, spanning IT, medical, technical and marketing texts, according to a team culture that lets the translator pursue personal aspirations and interests and leverage them in performing the actual translation work, resulting in a tangible advantage for you and your clients.

Measurable quality: Our quality assessment method is based on a clear and direct communication workflow between the translator and the reviewer, which strives to pinpoint, measure and log any quality issues in order to improve the work you will receive from us as well as further refine our skills as linguists and translators. As an additional differentiator from any freelance translators you may be used to working with, we employ state-of-the-art language quality assessment tools and are familiar with the output they produce.

Translation technologies: Our hands-on knowledge of the most commonly used translation environments and project management tools allows us to work efficiently and effectively on your projects. memoQ, SDL Trados 2009, SDL Trados Studio, Catalyst, Passolo, Wordfast, WorldServer, Smartling, Plunet, FrameMaker, InDesign: we own up-to-date licenses to most of these tools and we are proficient in their use.

Flexibility: We are aware that your and your clients’ workflows, technologies and requirements are likely to change over time in response to business, economic, market, and technological progress. We are ready to embrace change and help you keep abreast of the latest developments.

Proactivity: By selecting Albatros as your strategic partner, you will obtain valuable information on potential issues with your projects, such as problems in the source text, as well as pointers to improve your productivity, such as glossaries, reference material, and valuable feedback with every project delivery.

For further information regarding our past projects and for a list of references, please send a message to