English-Italian translation of marketing texts

Conveying the right message is essential in every circumstance, all the more so when the goal is promoting the sale of goods and services. In a global economy, the right message can no longer be the outcome of a single creative process, but needs to be the result of a collaboration that has a linguist — a translator — as part of the process.

Finding the right partner for this task is not easy, as linguists need to be able to integrate their deep and wide knowledge of the source and target language in a way that does honour to the original creative process.

Investigating all aspects of a marketing message and making sure that all are transferred to the target text is precisely our job, as is making sure that the localized message has the same impact on the target audience as the original text.

Our expertise in this area is proficient in a wide variety of industries and sectors, and can flexibly adapt itself to the demands of our clients. In the 10+ years of our team-work activity as Italian translators we have provided our services to the following end clients:

Catalina Marketing
FMP Media
Duarte Design
Simon Kucher & Partners
McCann Erickson

Apple Store UK
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Brian J Ganton & Associates
Burke Marketing Research